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Matteo Baker, 5 Day Juice Cleanse

December 2012 I weighed 178 pounds or 80.7 kilos. For my height thats about 20 kilos over weight. I was always tired with very low energy levels. I found that I would also get sick often with colds, etc… On January 1st 2013 as a New Year’s resolution I decided to see my friend Phoebe Wynn Jones. Phoebe would frequent a local gym in Santa Monica 220 Fitness where we met. She suggested I might want to try juicing as a healthy alternative to accompany my workouts and help with losing body fat. I took Phoebe’s advice and went to see her at a fresh, new juicery down the street. The experience was quite pleasant as Phoebe basically put me through an assessment of my body type, what I liked, and what I was looking to accomplish. Once she had that information she tailored me a 5 day juice cleanse. The cleanse was easy for me thanks to Phoebe understanding exactly what nutrients I needed per meal to accomplish my goals. I never felt lethargic, weak, or anything unpleasant. She prescribed the perfect blend of fresh, pleasant tasting juices that I lived on for 5 straight days. At the end of my 5 day journey I had lost 3.6 kilos, my energy levels were through the roof, and my skin was clear as ever. I went on to hit my goal, and have actually stayed at goal since last January. I thank Phoebe for the perfect way to start and maintain my weight loss journey and would highly recommend her knowledge to any consumer interested in a similar journey, or just wanting to cleanse your system.

Matteo Baker, Business Owner
Santa Monica, California.