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JONATHAN TRIVAS, Owner of Main Squeeze, Santa Monica

I have worked directly with Phoebe Wynn Jones for over two years. She was manager in my cafe and the manager of my organic juice bar, cleanse consultant and organizer. Phoebe is extremely gifted in customer service deriving from a genuine love of people. She loves to cultivate relationships and help people find whatever it is they are searching for. Over the last couple of years I’ve witnessed Phoebe amass a wealth of health and nutrition knowledge and I was always amazed how quickly she incorporated new concepts and ideas in both her own life and in the aiding of customers and cleanse participants. I highly recommend Phoebe for any job especially ones that can take advantage of her dynamic energy and her truly special gift in sales and engaging with all sorts of people from all walks of life. Phoebe is a great asset to any business and I wish I still had her working with me.

Jonathan Trivas
Owner of “Main Squeeze” and “212 Pier”
Santa Monica, California