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HARRIET HEANEN, Training & Nutrition


Phoebe has completely enlightened me to the wonders of nutrition and the impact it can have on your body and mind. Her nutrition plans are varied, interesting and structured. Her suggested meal are delicious and interesting and she is always mixing it up and giving me suggestions so it never gets boring. Her meal suggestions incorporate a broad the spectrum of different vegetables, herbs, spices and ways to use them which has been a great way to explore different tastes and cuisines and methods of cooking. Phoebe is always on hand to offer advice and finds ways to work around my food intolerance and vegetarian choices. Following her nutrition plans has made a massive difference to my feeling of well being and I would recommend her advice to everyone!


Phoebe is a great personal trainer and I thoroughly enjoy my time with her and look forward to our weekly sessions. Her training is tough and she pushes me to work hard but I always feel great afterwards. She is patient with me if I’m not quite getting something and always happy to explain it again. She always lets me know which muscles I am working and how the exercise will benefit my body which I find really interesting and encouraging. She always asks how I am feeling, if i have any pains or aches, sleeping patterns, stress before the work out so she can incorporate that into our session. Our workouts are always varied and never boring shes introduces me to variety of different equipment that I have used before. She has also showed me how to use my own body weight for a just as effective workout for times when I am away or travelling and gives me things to practice at home. After each work out we do some good stretches and yoga poses which really help set me up for the day and feel energized after the session. I am so much stronger and fitter since beginning session with Phoebe and am looking forward to seeing further improvements in the upcoming months.